•     Next Gen ICSC Board Member

•     Subleasing 5 Burger King Drive-Thrus in 5 months

Kelsey is a third-generation commercial real estate sales agent with an impressive track record of success in the industry, having quickly established herself as a trusted advisor and expert in the field. With a background in Agricultural real estate and retail development, she is known for her unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and exceptional negotiation skills. Kelsey has consistently delivered outstanding results for her clients to exceed expectations, taking the time to truly understand the unique needs and goals of each client, offering personalized solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Kelsey possesses a comprehensive understanding of the commercial real estate market, specializing in retail development. QSR drive-thru's, ground-up developments, and finding niche tenant voids are her expertise. Coming from a family of multifamily, retail, and industrial developers; she learned from a young age how to manage both landlord and tenant representation. Kelsey's expertise extends to various aspects of commercial real estate, including sales, leasing, BTS, ground-up, investment analysis, and property management. She has successfully represented a diverse range of clients, including individual investors, developers, corporations, and institutional entities.

Kelsey is also an active member of the community and strongly believes in giving back. She is involved with The Delancey Street Foundation, Bay Area Freedom Collective, and No Kid Hungry; all charitable community initiatives to give back to the Bay Area community by supporting a healthy empowerment to rebuild lives.